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a drawing of a coffee cup with the words recharge written in white on it
在这个春节,我每天要读写6个小时,备课教练1个小时,GTDTMC个小时,跑步1个小时,以及处理生活中的琐事就更加不用累赘了。每天高强度的八九个小时,连续坚持十天,我的精神还是很充沛,就是在掌握了自己的“充电模式”之后,进行无链接地随时随地充电,效果非常好。“充电清单” 阅读,写作,练字,画画,跑步, 散步,发呆,听音乐,看电影,做SPA
a woman holding a coffee mug with the words have a nice day on it
almeno una per ogni giorno della settimana
an old manual coffee maker with instructions for the parts to make it and how to use it
Moka (1933) is made of aluminum, while the handles are bakelite by Alfonso Bialetti
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a woman is drinking from a cup in the kitchen
a cartoon girl eating a sandwich with the caption'come lo prendi i cafe al matino - in silenzio '
Immagini Snoopy e il caffè -
Immagini Snoopy e il caffè
a steaming cup on a saucer with steam rising from it
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coffee Lavazza Coffee Machines - #lavazza #espressopoint #australia lavazza a modo mio, expresso coffee and espresso and coffee machines