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a rubber stamp with barbed wire on it and a piece of wood next to it
Hand-carved barbed wire stamp by Le Tampographe
an open book with black and white designs on the pages is being held up by two hands
Anna Kendler Graphic Design - self initiated projects
A concertina book exploring Bauhaus teachings - Anna Kendler
six different types of paper cut designs
some red and black teapots are on a piece of paper
Andrea Lauren - Tea - Original Block Print by Andrea Lauren
an easel with some paint on it next to a piece of paper that has been altered
Simple Little Home: Bubble Printing, afwasmiddel een beetje water en acrylverf , blazen met een rietje en dan papier erop drukken.
a piece of paper that is laying on top of a cardboard box with two screws in it
R'sポンポンGALLERY - 作品一覧
Pin stamp
three wooden coasters with designs on them and some tools in the box next to them
Andrea Benge – Lunática Shop
four pieces of art work on a table with some tools and paintbrushes next to them
I have now carved the reflection too and here is the result of my Island…
two people working on an art project with wood slices in the shape of flowers and leaves
bryan nash gill :: woodcut - Mary Lauren
Printmaking - Nature
an assortment of different types of objects on display
Je kan met deze zelfgemaakte stempel een mooi kunstwerk maken
two different types of buttons are sitting on the table next to each other, one is made out of wood
Linocut by Richelle Bergen.
the process of making an art piece is shown
Starter template
Linogravure -
an old man and woman are working in a shop
Artisanal Design Studio: ethical fashion, fair trade manufacturer
artisan block printing in Bagru village near Jaipur for Mehera Shaw
four different images of chocolates with designs on them
Stempel selber machen - Anleitung bei
self made stamps and their prints