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a person holding an open book with letters cut out of it's sides and inside
Russell Hendrie
Russell Hendrie (UK) "Election"
an open book sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a line of books
- - Liste Kitap
Kitap Tutkunlarını Baştan Çıkaracak 25 Dekorasyon Harikası
a tree that has some type of writing on it's trunk and is standing in the dirt
Piccsy :: Typography - Most Recent
Bosque De Palabras - Bychiara Sgaramella
several pieces of paper with writing on them are arranged in the shape of an arrow
woven story
woven story | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an artistic drawing with lines and dots in the shape of a sunburst on a white background
Invisible Stories
A Humument is a sustained manipulation and restructuring of W.H. Mallock’s forgotten Victorian novel A Human Document. Tom Phillips.
a hand is holding an open book with red thread on the pages and white paper attached to it
Artists' Books
Fiona Dempster artists book #stitching #fiber
a person sitting under an umbrella in front of a cloud filled with letters and words
Achtung, Bildung...! Von Päda.logics! gefunden auf der Pinwand von Flickr. Beratungen im pädagogischen und sozialen Berufsfeld: oder
four pieces of folded book sit on top of an open book with pages cut into squares
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"Books can be subjected to censorship even today because of their seditious or inhuman substance. They then become interesting and are distributed on the black market. My censored “books” are cut, folded and thrown together – you can read them, but the text can only be fragmentarily decoded. The entire story of the book is used but cannot be read anymore." ~ Helene Tschacher
an open book with words and lines on the pages, all over it's surface
Arty books
Noted, AVL: A story that emerges, unbound from pages and ink and flat words. [Mar Arza,]
torn pieces of paper that say you are not going to count them all over the place
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Playing With Books {The Rag & Bone Blog} | Page 13
three square pieces of glass with writing on them
1301PE Gallery
_Philippe Parreno, Atlas of Clouds, 2005 -repinned by #art #artists #contemporaryart
a red and white book with small figures on the cover, next to a pair of scissors