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a tree that is sitting in the grass near some yellow tape on the side of the road
«Там де нас нема» (с)
several people walking on a path that is painted yellow and has long stream running through it
Yellow Lines
the crossing
a close up of a wooden door with rocks and woodgrains on the side
Stones within wood by Wolf Brüning / 500px
Stones within wood - Detail of a modern art scupture on the Darß peninsula, Germany.
several red chairs sitting in the middle of a forest
m o p p e g u r i
That is so cool. I want to see something like this in person one day.
a large rock sitting between two trees in the woods
Andy Goldsworthy - placing objects in specific places to create meaning
several hay balls are tied to the ground and placed on top of each other in an open field
Humus Park 2008
land art
a large pile of wood sitting in the middle of a forest
20 fois où des gens ont transformé des tas de bûches en oeuvres d’art
Est-ce que corder du bois peut être une forme d’expression artistique ? Oui, apparemment.
a tree that has some kind of thing on it's trunk in the grass
LAND ART картинки с международных конкурсов / LAND ART pictures from international contests
LAND ART - IamFlorist
a person sitting in a tree with leaves on the ground
OUT OF THE CITY. Land art | Bratislava City Gallery | Allowance organisation of the City of Bratislava, capital of the Slovak Republic
a piece of wood that has some red beads on it
Linescape - Broken line, Dick Lubbersen - Atelier|Helderrood,
a group of leaves hanging from a tree with blue sky in the backround
leaf patterns
two large trees on the side of a hill
Andy Goldsworthy: Natural Man
Andy Goldsworthy’s projects take him around the world, from New York sidewalks to French mountain ranges to the North Pole. Much of his recent work, however, is close to his adopted Scottish home of Dumfriesshire, including this 2009 work of ice stacked between two trunks of an ash tree.
an open notebook with holes in it and a ruler next to it on a white surface
Helfried Hagenberg: Book Sculptures
a piece of art that looks like something made out of clay or paper with holes in the middle
Karen Margolis uses the circle shape to connect body to mind in her work with maps.
Karen Margolis- paper. Reminds me of bone magnified.