Delacroix, has declared:"... Poetry is made with words and ideas." ( in Psychologie de l’art, Félix Alcan, 1927 p92-93 / The hungry eye, R. F. Piper, 1956…
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a piece of paper with words written on it that says about love above the word
A Guy Who Films the Clouds
khitamaali: Follow me on Tumblr on We Heart It -
an abstract sculpture made out of black and white paper
book of beads / laser cut and screen printed artist book -by Jenny Smith
several different types of flowers hanging from the ceiling in an indoor garden area, with one being blown by wind
NEONSCOPE - Hanging Gardens by Rebecca Louise Law
Hanging Gardens by Rebecca Louise Law bringing a relationship of art and nature to everyone by making it immerseful
two men sitting on top of a table in front of a book with an image of a car
Altered Book
two sculptures made out of wire sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a wall
Pauline Ohrel
an open book with words and lines on the pages, all over it's surface
mud puddle madonna
Mar Arza | Vertebrae, from the book ‘The silent pool’ (2009)
the inside pages of a brochure with different designs
Hiroko Matshushita - a step up on the pop up book!
an open book on a wooden table with lines drawn in the pages and shapes cut out
What's New
Babel, marker and cut paper, 2011
an altered photograph of trees and newspaper pages
How To Make A Collage? Some Simple Tips - Bored Art
How To Make A Collage Some Simple Tips |
a tree with red balloons hanging from it's branches in an art gallery,
Glory Casino Bangladesh | Official Website
a person standing on top of a sidewalk near the water
collage silhouette. cut/trace silhouette from the photo and replace with photo/pattern/paper to create this effect.
two pictures of an old fashioned camera and the same one is in black and white
Ordinary Behavior: Cardboard Electronics Containing Absurd Miniature Dioramas — Colossal
Ordinary Behavior by artist and illustrator Kevin LCK - Cardboard Electronics Containing Absurd Miniature Dioramas. #paper_sculpture #camera #art