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Gli Arcani Supremi (Vox clamantis in deserto - Gothian): Margaret Beaufort Tudor

Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII, grandmother of Henry VIII, Margaret, and Mary Tudor:

Malcolm greeting Margaret on her arrival in Scotland. Detail from a mural by the Victorian artist William Hole. Saint Margaret of Scotland

November is the Feast Day of Saint Margaret of Scotland. Illustration: Malcolm the Third greeting Margaret on her arrival in Scotland. Detail from a mural by the Victorian artist William.

ÆLFGIFU OF NORTHAMPTON (c.990-1040) was the first QUEEN CONSORT of KING CANUTE OF ENGLAND AND DENMARK from 1030-1035. She was the mother of SWEYN KNUTSSON, KING OF NORWAY and HAROLD HAREFOOT, KING OF ENGLAND. Ælfgifu and Canute were not divorced before he married Emma of Normandy, and there is a lot of confusion over her exact status and the nature of her marriage. She served as regent from 1030-35, but was so unpopular that there was a revolt. HOUSE OF DENMARK.

"Middle Saxon Woman - A simple costume,in natural colours, accentuated with jewellery. ~ Lots of early-period outfits on this site based on finds in Britain." This is a pretty basic costume for a female character from the Anglo-Saxon culture.

Left: Anglo-Saxon nobleman is wearing an embroidered tunic/ bliaud over a chemise with embroidered sherte (the word shirt comes from it), a chemise type garment with sleeves, mantle, cross-gartered breeches. Right: noblewoman wears embroidered bliaud over chemise with cuffs. she wears mantle and headrail. fitted waist by lacings down the back. (11th C)

This showcases a nobleman wearing an embroidered tunic/ a chemise type garment with sleeves, mantle,and breeches. This also shows a noblewoman wearing an embroidered bliaud, a chemise with cuffs, and she also has a mantle as her headdress.