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Tronchetto di Natale (Buche de Noel)
four pieces of cut out paper sitting on top of a table
Casetta di pan di zenzero o di pasta frolla | Kikakitchen
2h 15m
Magical Celebration Sprinkle Cupcakes!
three cupcakes with frosting on top sitting on a plate
Christmas Tree Cupcakes
a cupcake covered in green frosting and topped with a christmas tree on top
Christmas Tree Cupcakes
cupcakes decorated with white frosting and multi colored sprinkles on a wooden table
50+ Easy Christmas Cupcakes Ideas
cupcakes decorated with chocolate frosting and reindeer noses
Easy Reindeer Cupcakes
several appetizers are arranged in the shape of a christmas tree
Schinken-Blätterteig-Spieße Rezept | LECKER