U.S. Army WWII weapons. (Top, bottom, L to Rt). Two .45cal M3 "grease guns". Two .45cal 1911 pistols, two .45 cal Thompson SMG's, .30 cal M1 carbine, .30-06cal M1 Garand rifle, & .30-06cal BAR rifle.

ultimate-world-war-ii: “A nice spread of the more common small arms issued to U. soldiers during World War II.

German General Eriwn Rommel, the desert fox If Hitler had let Rommel command the war they just might have won.

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel popularly known to both sides as the Desert Fox (Wüstenfuchs), somewhere in North Africa (ca.

The disaster that was Dunkirk, 1940. Dunkirk in Northern France..May 26-june 4 1940.the Nazi's defeated the British

Troops involved in the evacuation of British soldiers from Dunkirk, which was one of the largest military operations of the war

German WWII Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

German WWII Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was one of German's most popular generals during World War II, and gained his enemies' respect with his victories as commander of the Afrika Korps. Implicated in a plot to overthrow Hitler, Rommel took his life in

Robert Capa - France. Arras. Un parachutiste américain - Photo Robert Capa, Arras, France, le 23 mars 1945

March An American paratrooper shaving his head Mohawk-style for good luck and esprit de corps//Robert Capa

Soldati russi prima della Battaglia di Kursk, Luglio 1943 [credits: Shirak Karapetyan-Milshtein]

Russian soldiers preparing for the Battle of Kursk, July 1943 Image credits: Shirak Karapetyan-Milshtein - photograph was created in for a photo competition. It is based on archive photos from the war in Russia in

Battle of Stalingrad

A German machine gun crew against a background of ruined houses, holding their fire temporarily during streetfighting in a Soviet city during World war II, circa 1943

Divisione "Littorio" della RSI, pin by Paolo Marzioli

Divisione "Littorio" della RSI, pin by Paolo Marzioli

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