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- BERSERK - Guts

Well, the majority was Berserk but don't worry, Tokyo Ghoul is up next my dudes. --- "The Black Swordsman" by Nefillim ---


This design is being made for a client. the client aproached me with the idea for a bersek and enso inspired tattoo, and we will certainly post the finished tattoo design, and she will post the hea.

Solaire of Astora by on @DeviantArt

Solaire is practically the mascot of Dark Souls, he's known for being the most jolly and friendly guy in a dying, dark world. He's become enough of an icon that I can wear a shirt referencing him and make friends through that

Always happens when I'm about to reach the top of a mountain!

Last time I played, it was so inconvenient that it literally started raining as soon as I grabbed a ledge after gliding to it over a chasm of death And that happened THREE TIMES IN 40 minutes>> ugh