Alessandro Beerd

Alessandro Beerd

Alessandro Beerd
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G-Star RAW | New Denim Arrivals

G-Star RAW - RAW for the Oceans. G-Star Raw/Pharrell Williams win Cannes Product Design Grand Prix for "Plastic Fashion". The partnership created a line of clothes from recycled marine waste.

Perturbator | The Legend Says He's Half Human, Half Synthesizer...

The Legend Says He's Half Human, Half Synthesizer. I make Dark and Retrofuturistic music inspired by the

MōVI MOVI - This New Camera Stabilizer Could Change Cinematography Forever

Awesome video of Steady Cam Camera Stabilizer Rig with Vincent Laforet narrating - Excited to add this capability to our motion picture services!

Movi M5 Shot - Strive Dance Academy Finale Intro

Movi One Shot - Strive Dance Academy Finale Intro

Alphabetical: Experimental Typography by Dan Tobin Smith

Not this physically, but this concept. Like we start with all the pieces, we start to move them around, and when you find the sweet spot everything aligns and you see the message. Alphabetical: Experimental Typography By Dan Tobin Smith