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a white staircase leading up to a second floor
KUEHN MALVEZZI, ULRICH SCHWARZ, BERLIN · Torstrasse 86 in Berlin Mitte
KUEHN MALVEZZI, Ulrich Schwarz, Berlin · Torstrasse 86 in Berlin Mitte · Divisare
an image of a staircase going up to the top floor with concrete walls behind it
Idea 1930159: Balgrist research and development building by Nissen Wentzlaff Architekten BSA SIA AG in Zurich, Switzerland
a close up of a metal and wood door handle on a black wall with grey walls
Arquitectura Ideal
a wooden staircase with metal handrails in an empty room
a white stair case in a room with tile flooring
Produzione vendita Scale metallo a Roma
Scala in ferro per abitazione privata a Roma progettazione Westway Architects