Mint tea is a specialty of Morocco. It is sweetened green tea with mint leaves. Add an orange slice. Yes, but the pot and glasses are beautiful!

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"Only lovers see the fall a signal end to endings a gruffish gesture alerting those who will not be alarmed that we begin to stop in order simply to begin again" -Maya Angelou (Rikki Snyder Photography) // book tea cozy leaves

What's your favorite tea? Health benefits from 7 types of teas from our friends at @ChickRx.

7 incredible teas: the different health benefits (including weight loss!) and natural remedies each provides. Via Herbs that heal. Herbs that heal.

Herbal flower tea remedies

Guide to herbal flowers and the sweetest, tragic chinese legend to go along with it. Guide to herbal flower teas like chrysanthemum and jasmine, by Season with Spice


When brewing Herbal tea correctly, you’re getting a complete and balanced extraction full of plant power.


Wide selection of plants and herbs that can be used to make the many variations of aromatic tea.

Herbal Flower Tea

Herbal Flower Tea~ I had a wonderful "Flower Tea" in Kenya, delicious!


The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic – Boscastle, England - Atlas Obscura