this conveys more balance to me than tension but maybe change the concept to be holding the bar on a mans back while suspending the "head" and the "heart" on each side

"The Balance" Christian Schloe The Egyptians believed that the heart was the source of reason. During mummification, they would dispose of the brain and preserve the heart in a jar.

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Print advertisment created by Miami Ad School, Germany for Vaseline, within the category: Beauty.

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The way this packaging is designed is so creative and cute. The ear buds look like a plant in a pot and it's just different to look at. The simple colors blend well and attract the eye.

Have a a classic Beetle body laying around? Time to make this BBQ happen!


27 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today

Baby- Face Bias: This ad would catch someone's attention because of the cute baby-face in it and then realize that the ad is for a razor. "Gillette safety razor- made especially for those that must start shaving early in life"