PARK HOUSE  Architect: Tsuyoshi Kobayashi + studio Another Apartment  Location: Tokyo, Japan  Year built:  2013    Is a house with an asymmetrical roof on a narrow site on the outskirts of Tokyo.  The three-story house has a glass facade designed to offer a view into the trees.

Park House

staircases-heavy/light / open risers / wooden stairs / floating stairs / minimal detail - Park House / another APARTMENT by group 5

Bookcases seamlessly blend into stairs to make a book-lined wall. Inventive use of space, functional. Imagine what this space would look like when it ran out space from books on every shelf!

Brilliant idea for adding storage to a staircase. Add built-in shelving along a staircase wall for storage and displaying favourite accessories or books.


The sleek, modern, and minimal whited-out house designed by architect, Manuel Aires Mateus, features an indoor-outdoor experience where one can look down into a room’s private patio.

La scala scultorea

La scala scultorea

La scala con passerella di un loft in stile industriale

Scale moderne: tra design e creatività