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Bernini, Apollo and Daphne. Apollo, one of the most powerful gods mocked the god of love Eros for his use of bow and arrow, saying "What have you to do with warlike weapons? Leave them for hands worthy of them. Behold the conquest I have won by means of them over the vast serpent who stretched his poisonous body over acres of the plain! Be content with your torch, child, and kindle up your flames, as you call them, where you will, but presume not to meddle with my weapons."

Gian Lorenzo Bernini's sculpture of Apollo Daphne. It depicts the virgin nymph Daphne turning into a laurel tree in order to escape Apollo. The Ash Tree Nymphs were generated from Uranus blood resulting from his castration by Cronus.

Gianlorenzo Bernini, Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, Cornaro chapel, Santa Maria Della Vittoria, Rome, Italy

Gian Lorenzo Bernini The Ecstasy of Saint Therese , Cappella Cornaro, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of The Ecstasy of Saint Therese 2 by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Pictured above is Laocoon and His Sons. This image shows the Trojan priest Laocoon and his sons Antiphantes and Thymbraeus being strangled by sea serpents. Laocoon was a priest who incurred the wrath of the gods by attempting to dissaude the Trojans from letting in the infamous horse.

The statue of Laocoön and His Sons (Italian: Gruppo del Laocoonte) is a monumental sculpture in marble now in the Vatican Museums, Rome. It shows the Trojan priest Laocoön and his sons Antiphantes and Thymbraeus being strangled by sea serpents.