Baby Shower

Baby Elephant makes a Perfect Baby Shower Theme . baby elephants :) For my sisters future kids she loooves elephants .

paper boat for centerpieces diy. Change the colors for a pirate them.

Why not make these lovely boats in a hazy day? Fold the boat, add the buntings using washi tape! Try it with your kids to brighten their day!

How to make a wedding kids' table fun for them + darling at the same time.

13 Essentials for the Best Kids Table Ever

Use butcher block paper as tablecloth. this could be neat if you are doing a kids table. Obvs not Christmas but something like this with activities and the paper table cloth.

drawstring pouches

i'm thinking easter bags for gift {easter egg} giving when I see my nieces and nephews.

Marque place cœur sur verre - 10 unités - Décoration Mariage, Déco Anniversaire, Baptême, Bar Mitzvah - La Boutique de Juliette

Marque place cœur sur verre - 10 unités

Bordkort Hjerte Hvit can make my own. Buy a stamp cutter and punch out the heart and you have a place setting card!