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Gallery of AD Classics: Casa del Fascio / Giuseppe Terragni - 11

Casa del Fascio / Giuseppe Terragni

Angiolo Mazzoni, Palazzo delle Poste, Ostia 1934

The Palazzo degli Uffici dell'Ente Autonomo at the E.U.R. area in Rome. In 1939 this was the first building to be finished as part of the Esposizione Universale Roma. It housed the offices for the exhibition and a large hall and was designed by Gaetano Minucci. Photo by Space 4.

Architecture = repetition. The Palazzo delle Civilta Italiana by Giovanni Guerrini, Ernesto Bruno La Padula and Mario Romano (1938-43) by German photographer Hagen Stier.

Architecture: External

La Sapienza University - Rome, Italy

Library of La Sapienza University in Rome by the Italian architect Marcello Piacentini. I like this severly pared down classicism. It has a certain timlessness which fit this kind of civic institutions.