MY PHOTOS: riccioli inquieti di prosa e carezze

my photos, as restless curls of prose, poetry and romance
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Ladybug.. - A Lady bug on spring blossoms in my garden

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Little church - A lovely little Church in Gorizia centre

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SPRING IS COMING.. - Walking in the countryside.. first colors of spring

Primule.. spring flowers - Primule.. spring flowers in Castiglione countryside..

Wild flowers - Lovely bouquet of wild flower in the Woods.. spring is coming.. among autumn fallen leaves..

First day of spring - First day of spring in my countryside..

LADYBUG... - A ladybug on a blade of grass with drew drops..

Tulip heart - A close up in the heart of a red tulip..

Romantic view - Romantic view into the Castle of Lusuolo, Mulazzo, MS.. Tuscany to discover..

Details lanterna - details in a field evocation partisan

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