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a crocheted blanket is laying on the floor
Copertina per le gambe
a glass bowl filled with yellow liquid on top of a red tableclothed surface
Candela in tazza
a bed with a red and blue quilt on it
Trapunta fatta con vecchie camicie
a white pillow sitting on top of a black chair
Ultimo lavoro del 2015
Campanella Accessories, Cufflinks, Fashion, Cuff
colorful crocheted flowers are arranged on a blue background, with one flower in the center
Centrino multicolor
colorful crocheted flowers arranged in the shape of a christmas tree on a red background
Centro uncinetto
a white pillow sitting on top of a red couch
Cuscino con bottoni
a blue rug with pink roses on it in the middle of a tiled floor area
Tappeto a mezzo punto
two white towels sitting on top of a bed
Asciugamani con sfilature e bordo crochet
two towels that have been made to look like giraffes with eyes on them
Asciugamani con applicazioni
three pieces of crochet and bead work on a red table top, one with a flower ornament
a crocheted teapot on a red surface
a white doily on a red surface with a hand holding it up to the camera
Centrino crochet
a crocheted placemat on the floor with an oval design in red, yellow and white
Tappetino crochet