The new 3D configurator: choose and design your cup!
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three plastic spoons and two toothbrushes are in the air, one is broken
Your partner in sweet creations
Palette e cucchiai personalizzati - #icecream
the collage shows different types of ice cream
a computer screen with a cup on it and the words configuratore typo
What's your #typo?
What's your #typo?!? Create your personalized cup with the new 3D configurator on Alcas website http://ow.ly/vkqVt
an ice cream cup and spoon on a pink background
Typo Esuberante
a can of yogurt with fruit flying out of it to the side,
Typo Frizzante
three scoops of ice cream and two balls of fruit fly in the air over an orange background
Typo Solare
an ice cream cup with chocolate cookies falling into it
Typo Diretto
an ice cream cup with two spoons sticking out of it
Typo Semplice
an ice cream sundae with strawberries falling from it's cup and spoon
Typo Esplosivo
three different types of food with the words typo on them
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