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McGrath’s is a range of premium ales created by Clanconnel, a Northern Irish microbrewery that specialises in natural, high quality, handcrafted beers produced through a combination of traditional and artisan techniques with a modern twist.

Great beer! Brooklyn Lager

Being a frequent traveler to New York (don't worry, Red Sox/Pats/Celtics fans - I'm still a dedicated fan) I find myself drinking Brooklyn Lager when going to local NYC bars, mostly due to its availability and overall value.

Capital Brewery - Island Wheat

Capital Brewery Island Wheat - brewed in Middleton, but the wheat from Washington Island is what makes it so silky smooth.

Electrolux Flatshare Fridge

Flatshare Fridge We're enamored with this modular refrigerator concept. It's called the Flatshare Fridge, a finalist in the Electrolux Design Lab 2008 competition