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a large building that is lit up at night
Studio Lotus wraps stone lattices around museum-cum-jewellery store in Jaipur
a large building that is next to a parking lot
FRPO creates "cathedral of energy" with translucent polycarbonate tower
two people are walking down the sidewalk in front of a building
Krft sculpts "bulging" form for Brighton College arts centre
an empty street in front of a building with large windows and a lit up sign
Brick lattice fronts Leica store in New York by Format Architecture Office
an empty room with wooden cabinets and yellow poles in the center, next to a curved counter
ARG Architects updates gridded home in Iceland with curving walls
an empty hallway with wooden floors and brick walls on either side of the wall is a framed photograph
Cairn uses hand-poured hempcrete for House Made by Many Hands in London
a tall building with lots of windows on top of it
SO-IL completes perforated-metal facade of residential tower in Brooklyn
a woman walking past a white wall with squares on it's face and back
Highly sculptural roof defines Raleigh apartment block
two people walking down the street in front of a white wall
OMA converts derelict Detroit bakery into arts centre
an apartment building on the corner of a street with two doors and windows in front of it
Rammed-earth wall fronts Parisian townhouse by Déchelette Architecture
the building is made out of concrete and wood
"Shifting shades" of rammed earth define Thai community building by Suphasidh Architects
a tall building with many windows and blue shutters on the front, against a bright blue sky
Forge Craft uses "hammock" approach for Austin transitional apartments
two people crossing the street in front of a tall building that is black and white
ISA creates skinny metal-clad apartment building in Philadelphia
a building that is sitting in the middle of a street with lights on it's sides
Heams & Michel Architectes shrouds prefabricated pavilions in geometric lattices
the house is covered in snow and has wooden slats on it's sides
Studio North adds wooden screen to Calgary residence