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Alberto Colpo

Alberto Colpo
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Levi’s® Sea of Blue 2017 Commercial

Our latest commercial, “Sea of Blue,” shines a playful light on our phone obsession, and what can happen when we look up and live in the moment. How many fli.

When You Least Expect It

lives are lost every week in the UK to heart and circulatory disease, but many people simply don’t realise that.


Edeka Eatkarus commercial from Germany tells the story of an obese boy who learns to fly with the inspiration of a bird and food choices.

Subaru | Rewind (Extended)

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know what it’s like to second-guess everything — to wish you could go back in time and do things differently.


Argentina’s Presidency of the Nation: 5 Places you should visit if you wanna shout

Sonnet Insurance Blue Balloon

Film advertisment created by Johannes Leonardo, United States for Sonnet, within the category: Finance.

Lenksart - Specsy is the new sexy

Lenksart - Specsy is the new sexy


An emotional short film released by west end stationary store, Take Note, reminds us of the power of putting pen to paper. The long piece tells the life-long story of a relationship between two people from the notes they leave each other.

GENIUS OF PLAY : Water fight on Vimeo

Tom Rainford commissioned us to help him with this little piece of animation which stages two kids in a water fight scene. It's part of "The genius of…

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Fourth Industrial Revolution

Steven Harrington Surface Experiments

Steven Harrington’s visual experiments: art meets technology

The Love Index - Key Findings 2016 - YouTube

After an 18 month study involving more than 27 000 participants across multiple cou.

Yellawood: Rules? What rules?

Film advertisment created by Brunner, United States for YellaWood, within the category: House, Garden.