Dragon Gloves by SagandeTeam.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Commission for Okay here comes the details: - 145 scale each Glove. - 18 metal rings, for the best fitting, - finger fixed claws - And a lots of time (Approx. 2 week) for sewing.


This armour would help to give me more designs for my characters torso.

Warrior Rogue Leather Armor by Azmal

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Forgotten and lost, but hold on to the light for one day the ember will emerge into an unstoppable fire. Dark souls War runs through my veins like blood.I am advanced in age,but I know the art of war.

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Fantasy knight armour, good use of colour and patterns, looks somewhat impractical and more ornamental but would look in place in a fantasy universe.

Green Armor!

Elf Armor - Brown and Green Leather - Arizona Renaissance Festival - February 2006