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an open box truck parked in a parking lot
Salone del Automobile - Milan Design Week 2016
Salone del Automobile - Milan Design Week 2016
a white shelf with a mirror on it in a room that has vertical lines painted on the wall
Concrete Interior concept by Le Atelier in Dubai transforms a shell into ‘a total work of art’ | Archello
photo_credit Sergey Krasyuk
an office cubicle with desks and chairs in the middle of it, viewed from above
Vector isometric low poly office room
Vector isometric low poly office ro… by tele52 on @creativemarket
an image of a painting with birds in the water and on the wall next to it
Houses, Landscapes and Mental Spaces by Jon Koko
Jon Koko is an artist who currently lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. His square illustrations and paintings are carefully balanced scenes with mostly flat color surfaces covering the full paper canvas. The subjects are landscapes and houses in axonometric views, interiors and several slightly surreal scenes with anonymous characters wandering through paradoxical situations. Nature plays a huge role in the works and a Japanese influence is always present in both the representation techniques, wh
an illustration of a room with shelves and doors
Gallery of Julianna Fraccaro Store / Arquitetura Nacional - 44
Gallery of Julianna Fraccaro Store / Arquitetura Nacional - 44
an architectural drawing of a kitchen in pink
SQM - the quantified home - U67
The Frankfurt Kitchen | Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky
a man sitting on top of a red couch in front of a tall building with arches
Antonio Laruffa - SinesteticaExpo
an aerial view of a living room and kitchen
Spaccato assonometrico | homify
Qui puoi trovare foto di idee di design d’interni. Lasciati ispirare!
two people in a bathtub surrounded by white walls and flooring, with one person standing inside the tub
Le terme di ADA. Taking care of the abandoned - KooZA/rch
-1_ dettaglio vasche
an architectural drawing shows the floor plan for a house
Marcos Santamaría > Rehabilitación de Vila Joana de Vallvidriera en Hotel de 4 estrellas - HIC Arquitectura
an illustration of a living room with furniture
App'n'roll design day
App'n'roll design day designed by Michał Jarosz for App'n'roll. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals.
an architectural diagram shows the various parts of a building and how they are connected to each other
relazione parco-villa
an aerial view of a building with lots of balls on the ground
estudio galera elevates concrete house in argentina above the site's sand dunes
Apartamento Nine | Casca Estúdio
O apartamento de apenas 35m² foi totalmente reformado. Em um ambiente compacto e integrado o uso da marcenaria funcional aliado a estética ganham destaque no projeto. Diagrama de setores e mobiliário do studio. #cascaestudio #reformacompleta #reforma #apartamentointegrado #studio #arquiteturadeinteriores #apartamento #decor #marcenaria #sala #cozinha #dormitorio #banheiro #marcenariafuncional #apartamentocompacto #soluçoesapartamentopequeno #quartoesalaintegrados