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Organic cosmetic DIY

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I love making my own cosmetic. Its fun, its eco-friendly and best part its safe to use as you always know what you are putting on your skin.

Activated charcoal+egg white+toilet paper=to a great facial mask.

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How to make your own shampoo at home

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Dead Sea Soap

Cold Process - Dead Sea Mud Soap Recipe

How to make your own moisturising lip balm at home.

Make your skin look younger with natural organic skincare. Every year we hear about the new breakthrough to turn back the clock, promising to give long lasting youth and beauty. Most of the time these new miraculous treatments cost a fortune and the results don’t last. The truth is everyone ages but that doesn’t mean we cannot age gracefully and maintain healthy beautiful skin.

How to make your organic sunscreen.

After increasing my water intake I noticed a considerable boost in hair growth. Water is truly amazing.

The No 7 facial cleansing brush is a great way to exfoliate the skin and cleanse the skin. This has helped to my acne under control and also give the appearance of beautiful radiant skin.

How to make your own scented candles at home

Boost Hair Growth With Biotin Biotin has been one of the key ingredients in my hair care journey. It not only helped with my hair growth but also gave my hair shine and volume.