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Vintage cross stitch albums and historical modelbuchs (pattern books) reprints
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three embroidered napkins with monogrammed designs on them
Cross stitch monograms from the past
Monogrammed linen towel. Letters from the book “Vintage cross stitch alphabets”, now also available in ebook format (
Vintage Cross Stitch Alphabets – Letter A
EBOOK: Vintage Cross Stitch Alphabets – Letter A (preview). Other ebooks in this series:
an old book cover with the title in german
Rosina Helena Fürst – Neues Modelbuch 1650
Rosina Helena Furst - Neues Modelbuch
an old book with the title in spanish and english, depicting two men sitting at a table
Alex Paganino – BURATO, Libro de recami 1527
Alex Paganino - Burato. Libro de Recami
five books are stacked on top of each other in order to be read by someone
Historical Model Books
Historical model books - Ajisai Press
an open book sitting on top of a wooden table next to papers and magnets
Vintage Cross Stitch – BORDERS
Vintage Cross Stitch - Borders
several different types of cross - stitch items on a table
Vintage Cross Stitch
Vintage cross stitch albums
cross stitch alphabets and numbers laid out on a wooden table with the letters written in them
Vintage Cross Stitch – ALPHABETS
Vintage Cross Stitch - Alphabets