Ava's Shopkins Party

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there are many pieces of candy on the glass plate that is sitting on the counter
Shopkins Party. Polly Polish. Treat table food. Marshmallows coated in pink sugar with a tootsie roll top.
there are marshmallows with toothpicks in the shape of an elephant
Shopkins party. Marsha Mellow. Treat table food. Marshmallows rolled in gold sugar.
some pink baskets filled with candy and candies
Shopkins party favors
there is a cake on the table with decorations around it
Shopkins 8th Birthday Party
a purple bucket filled with candy sitting on top of a counter
Shopkins Birthday Party Centerpiece I made
three plastic cups filled with cookies and candies in wrapper on top of each other
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several pink and blue shopping baskets on the floor
Shopkins party favor baskets. Will add candy from pinata and Shopkins bracelets from prize punch box.