I've seen many colors like this one. I like when black and white pictures have one thing that stand out. This is acheived by color. One item in a picture had color. This is usually a bright red color that stands out. It draws attention to that one item.

Dali + Brigitte Bardot

misssecretagent: “ Dalí, Bardot and Sachs – The Artist, the Starlet and the Scion This photograph was taken in November 1967 at a party for Brigitte Bardot’s then-husband Fritz Gunter Sachs, a.


Day Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles. The Beatles song named after Gemme Arterton's character in Quantum of Solace. Or was it the other way round?

from buenos aires with love...gonna move there for a while someday for sure. bs as or mvd...

Retro Airline Posters & Modern Facts

Buenos Aires, Retro United Airline Poster of the Plaza de Mayo looking toward the Casa Rosada .


every woman on a moped in Italy wore heels like this. and had legs like this.


Fashion Photographer, Szymon Brodziak, takes a sexy approach to this chic girl on a motor scooter.

HBO' Girls

HBO Girls – this season was a little awful, but I'll give it a few more episodes

Copper and lampwork

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