Knit-purl stitch


Zigzag Seed stitch. Just Knit and Purl

Free written instructions and chart. It’s a cool stitch using both the knit stitch and the purl stitch to create Zig Zag seed pattern.

And again.... for beloveds...

And again.... for beloveds...

a very nice cardigan examplethe left side is completed, the right side is covered in the same way, then I can not decide whether to continue with the same pattern or not, I think that it will be very beautiful after it is finished.

Pythagorean Triangles. Just Knit and Purl

Pythagorean Triangle is created with knit and purl stitches. Reversible pattern looks identical on both sides.

Zig Zag Seed stitch worked in the round

The Zig Zag seed is an easy-to-knit seed stitch worked in the round. Just use knit and purl stitches.