"Quartieri Spagnoli", a district in Naples, Italy, 1929 [598x869] - Imgur

"Quartieri Spagnoli", a district in Naples, Italy, 1929 [598x869]

Narrow Street, Naples, Italy, 1929 - I hear Naples is kind of a disaster but I still want to visit

*** Boys carrying spaghetti in Naples, 1929.

Boys carrying spaghetti in a macaroni factory in Naples, Italy, 1929 One thing I love about old photos is that the young boys are dressed so snazzy! I love that they just wore smaller suits. I feel like there was more respect back then.

Truogoli S.Brigida, Genoa, Italy                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Truogoli S.Brigida - Genoa - Italy - Italy has to be the laundry drying on the line capital of the world - I took maybe 15 pictures of laundry in Venice

vintage Italy - Fellini cooking spaghetti

Film-Maker Dino de Laurentis Making Pasta