Agata Boccaccio
Agata Boccaccio
Agata Boccaccio

Agata Boccaccio

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by Sabine Ostermann

Painting Rock & Stone Animals, Nativity Sets & More: Before and After Painted Rocks: Christmas Holiday

Christmas House hand-painted river rock, Christmas gift, rock art

Casa Natale dipinto a mano river rock regalo di Natale di RocksOk

Learning Shapes With Toy Cars

Learning Shapes With Toy Cars - awesome idea for hands-on learning about shapes!

Apple Sorting Activity Begin by cutting out apple shapes. In the example shown, four colors of apples were used: red, green, yellow, light green. Cut a circle from the center of each apple. Attach the apples to cardboard tubes using clear tapes. Collect small objects in colors that match the apples. Invite children to use tongs or tweezers to sort the objects and drop them in to the correct apple.

Fish color match file folder game to help with color recognition.

Children's Activity...Peg Colour Matching Game: perfect for fine motor skills, colour recognition & concentration development.

2 Simple Tape Activities: What to Do with Just Some Lines of Tape

What to do with just some lines of tape