An example of shock advertising. This agency has created a PSA aimed at getting people to wear seat belts.

Shock Advertising: 40 Campagne Pubblicitare Creative

Funny pictures about Smart Seat Belt Ad. Oh, and cool pics about Smart Seat Belt Ad. Also, Smart Seat Belt Ad photos.

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I'm a big fan of geometric design so I thought I would share this logo comparison. This was for the new branding of City of Melbourne by Landor Associates. City of Melbourne on Behance

Start a revolution - ride your bike

Man Vs Ink AKA Fred DiMeglio, "Start a Revolution" Four Color Silkscreen Print heavy tag paper Fred DiMeglio is based in Portland, OR

Whiskey and gasoline would be a nasty cocktail  Anti-drunk driving PSA from 1930s - Boing Boing

Antidrunk driving poster from the WPA Federal Art Project by Robert Lahenmann showing a whiskey bottle a gas pump and a skull with the words 'Don't.

United States Presidential Election of 1952.   Adlai Stevenson warns against a return of the Republican policies of Herbert Hoover

November 1956 United States presidential election, Republican incumbent Dwight D. Eisenhower defeats Democrat challenger Adlai E. Stevenson in a rematch of their contest 4 years earlier.

Our gallery opening!

Our gallery opening!