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A volte bisogna attingere alle parole di altri per scrutarsi dentro..
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an aerial view of a person in a red canoe on blue fabric with white hat
The fish net
The fish net by Patrick - Photo 303556837 / 500px
two flamingos are standing in the water on a foggy day by some trees
初夏 by 蓝琳 / 500px
初夏 by 蓝琳 - Photo 305436717 / 500px
a large storm cloud looms over an empty road
National Geographic
Jefferson City tornado facts: The science behind the destruction of Midwest tornadoes
a person standing on a wooden walkway above the clouds
Elaborare, interpretare e rivivere i sogni - Tantra & Amore
Elaborare, interpretare e rivivere i Sogni
an info poster showing the different types of jobs available in each country, and how they work
How Steve Jobs Started #infographic
How Steve Jobs Started #infographic #SteveJobs #Apple
four different pictures showing the process of making an object with plastic wrappers and scissors
Great Photography Te
an orange station wagon parked in front of a building with a palm tree and the words use it up, wear it out, make it do or do or do without
Weekly Wordsmith: Boyd K. Packer
Weekly Wordsmith: Boyd K. Packer | Taylor Stitch