Disguise: Mask and Global African Art

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Disguise è un'esposizione di moderne interpretazioni di artisti di origini africane sulle maschere tradizionali del luogo in questione.
Unidentified We Artist, Mask (Gela)
Brendan Fernandes, Da HiZ Mani: 1979.206.143 , 2010
African Masks - Project #7 - United Art and Education
African masks as wall decorations
Pottery Art Wall Mask /  Foliated Green man by edMUDson on Etsy, $85.00
Medicine Man  Gourd mask by David Sisk
Aequeor Tranquillium Mask  Merimask on deviantart
Chokwe-Tribal mask. African. I have one of these masks, and it scares everyone who comes into my house!