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the poppy war

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this is the official art ,meaning how Holly Black herself says he looks like,HE LOOOKSSSSS SOOOOOOOO GOOOOODDDDDD
art : @frostbite.studios on ig
art : @frostbite.studios on ig

the folk of air

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@laaraklein on ig
🎨: inkfaeart

throne of glass

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Artist: clairekie
Artist: hachandraws


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🎨: bondraws
Artist: rmgillig

the shepherd king

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Artist: ohkaykayart
Artist: hachandraws


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Kai Azer and Paedyn Gray fanart by brunagarretart on ig


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Artist: palinlineart
Artist: larissapsrt
Artist: palinlineart

this woven kingdom

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Artist: noverantale
Artist: kahaneedjinn
Artist: mysticmiav

sands of arawiya

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Artist: oli_diart

crescent city

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When something tragic happens in your stories, a great way to invoke emotions in your readers is to have your characters grieve. Here are 6 ways you can write realistic grieving to really trigger those waterworks!

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an image of two comic panels with one saying, did these 2 even interact? my first boyfriend turned into a pillar of fire that's rough buddy
(@steohsama on twitter)
an image of two comics that are being read
some anime characters standing in the water
BY @steohsama ON TWITTER Riga
Altan Trengsin
some anime characters are posing for the camera
poppy war (not my art)