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a poster with the words free online courses in red and white, including an image of a
20 MIT Free Online Courses You Can Take
Here are 20 of the best free online courses taught by Massachusetts Institute of Technology professors and MIT faculty that are available through edX.
a poster with the text learn new skills with these free online courses
Learn New Skills with these Free Online Courses
Free online courses provide college students with a host of advantages, such as flexibility, accessibility, cost savings, and a diverse range of learning options. These courses enable self-paced learning, improve technology skills, and offer valuable networking opportunities.
an orange poster with the words 30 stanford free courses you can take online on it
30 Stanford Free Courses You Can Take Online
Here are 30 free courses taught by Stanford instructors.
an info sheet with the words 5 things to do instead of scrolling on your phone
5 Things to Do Instead of Scrolling on Your Phone
Want to reduce how often you scroll through your phone? Check out our blog post! The authors of Make Time explain that not looking at your phone first thing can improve your focus throughout the day. ☎️ When you log into your email, check the news, or look at social media, your fight against distraction begins. 🥊
a poster with the words, what do you think? and other questions for kids
111 Interesting Philosophical Questions For Kids
Philosophical questions for kids are a fantastic way of getting children to think about big issues and their place in the world. SAVE this PIN to play a fun family GAME! Children have active imaginations and lots of thoughts about the world. These philosophy questions for kids are designed to help them express these thoughts and think about their implications.
a quote that says as long as you keep going, you'll keep getting better
"As long as you keep going, you'll keep getting better. And as you get better, you gain more confidence. That alone is success." - Tamara Taylor #trvst #quote #success #goals #deliver #nevergiveup #dotherightthing #productive #successmindset #softskills #collectiveaction #focus