This is so dainty but still awesome. (But I bet it hurts to get a tattoo on your spine!)

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Only with the passage of time we learn to become what we want, and not what others want we to be

Let go of people who only share complaints, problems, disastrous stories, fear and judgement on others. If someone is looking for a basket to throw his trash, make sure it's not your mind.


Enjoy the silence. Use it mercilessly. It is the most powerful weapon you have, more cruel than any words.

Parole e ispirazione ;)

When someone is in charge of your life, you are the one lending them your shoes

proverbio cinese #cambiare #cambiamento

Però a fare giusta una scelta o l'altra dipende da che tipo di vento soffia .But to make the right choice or the other depends on what kind of wind blows


My boo bear and his love of ducks. Which started with a beautiful vase full of ducks from auntie patty and lives on in 'duck and goose' books.