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the stairs are decorated with black and white designs
Remodelista - Sourcebook for the Considered Home
Above: A stairway at Peacock Pavillion in Marrakesh, photo by Patrick Cline of Lonny.
a set of stairs with blue and white striped carpeting on the risers in an empty room
Before & After: A Summer Cottage Reborn on the Connecticut Coast - Remodelista
Three blue stripes in middle of painted white stairs in seaside cottage, copper pipe as handrail | Remodelista Facebook/Twitter: @Colourful Rebel www.Colourfulrebel.com
a green rug on the floor next to a stair case in a white room with blue stairs
A Victorian Transformation, Dublin Style - Remodelista
Green carpet runner, Peter Legge Architects | Remodelista
the stairs are black and white with yellow handrails on each side, leading up to the second floor
A New England Kitchen by Way of LA - Remodelista
Designer Barbara Bestor chose the colors: glossy black with a pole bannister in Benjamin Moore Bumble Bee Yellow.
a black and white photo of a circular object
there is a white staircase in the house
A2M social housing
Casa RLM _ Nunzio Gabriele Sciveres
a dog is standing on the stairs with blue and red patterned stair treads in front of it
This is a great tile idea for stairs. Really stunning especially against the white. Looking for: blue and white tiles, tiles on stairs Carmen Darwin for Evolution House
there is a white room with stairs and a bathtub
the stairs are lined with black and white checkered tiles
Remodelista - Sourcebook for the Considered Home
Moroccan tiled stairs, blue and white
a green rug on the floor next to a stair case in a white room with blue stairs
Gallery of Ballsbridge / Peter Legge Associates - 3
// Peter Legge Associates.
a group of people walking down a snow covered slope
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Masako Kubo
concrete steps leading up to the top of a building with cement walls and flooring
scarpa verona stair
Carlo Scarpa, Verona