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a drawing of a skull with a butterfly on it's head and leaves coming out of its mouth
Inter Vitam et Mortem by mariana-a on DeviantArt
A few weeks ago I asked if someone could give me ideas and suggested a skull with butterflies. This is what I came up with Took me about 3 hours and I used graphite pencils and some crayons.
a white plate with pink flowers painted on it
Servizio dolci, altre rose
Voglio il mondo a colori: Servizio dolci - Rose rosa
a plate with blue and yellow flowers painted on the front, sitting on a white surface
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Ceramica artistica ed antica
an abstract floral arrangement with leaves and flowers
illustration - Clare Owen... - CoDesign Magazine | Daily-updated Magazine celebrating creative talent from around the world
Illustration - illustration - Clare Owen... illustration : – Picture : – Description Clare Owen -Read More –
a blue and white tile with flowers on it
Ceramics by Giselle Hicks.
Ceramics by Giselle Hicks.
two paintings of white flowers with green stems
Igor Levashov [Игорь Левашов] 1964 | Flower painter
Copo de leite