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a painting of blue flowers in a vase
Artwork published by Andrew10941
value, collage, still life, . . . .
some flowers are painted on paper and placed on a wall with white picket fence in the background
ArtZ KiddoZ
Photos and descriptions of student art projects being created by Kindergarten through 6th grade students at Raymond Central Elementary School.
a black and white drawing of flowers in a vase
Do your Brain a Favor...
flowers to color coloring sheet
several images of flowers made out of paper
several vases filled with flowers on top of a yellow wall
a hand made card with flowers in a pot
Cute idea for Mother's day.... we did this with our 4th grade students this year and I took the idea home this was my 3 year olds flower pot. Great for grandparents or even a personal touch for end of school gifts.
four different colored pictures of farm animals and birds on blue, green, yellow, red, orange, and pink
Watercolor "Shape" Birds for Kinder | Deep Space Sparkle
Kindergarten Lesson
an art project with hearts and flowers on it
Fun in February for Teachers & Students Art with Jenny K
FREE pop art heart lesson from Art with Jenny K.
paper flowers in a vase on top of a blue piece of paper that is cut out to look like sunflowers
Art Ideas Blog Seven: How to make Vincent van Gogh Sunflowers
Vincent van Gogh Sunflowers Craft Activity | Paper Arts Crafts Ideas For Creative Kids