I got my first Henna design at Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida on my hand. Henna design, because I'm buying me some henna mix this summer :)

lion_sketch_tattoo_by_quidames-d6cop4l.png 1,024×1,493 pixels

Lion sketch tattoo by ~quidames on deviantART. Again, A really beatiful lion tattoo sketch

dream catcher tattoo | Tumblr

60 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs for Women

Dream catcher tattoo, I love the idea of having it right behind your ear and on your head, so it's as close as possible to your dreams

gramaphone tattoo, vintage, pretty colours, mint, music tattoo, ink, design, illustration, traditional roses

Note to self: love the idea of a traditional style gramaphone tattoo but the trumpet is a blooming flower so it's not so in your face / literal.

Map Wall Decal

Ferm Living Ferm Living Stickers World Map

Nanami Cowdroy

(Weekly Story Theme: Romance) Nanami Cowdroy tented her fingers together and twiddled her thumbs.