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How does EMDR therapy work? What are the basic parts of EMDR treatment and how long does it take?

Freud (physical aspect) Jung (metaphysical aspect)

JUNGIAN ARCHETYPES/ORIGIN: Jung said archetypes come from the collective unconscious, one of three parts to the psyche. EXPLANATION: Jungian archetypes represent the different aspects of a person's being. EXAMPLE: Firefighters often make use of their hero archetype by marching straight into fires to save lives.

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Achieve your goals - Confidence Coaching

wheel of life - with scale

Summary of Stephen Covey bestseller "7 habits of highly effective people". Printable A2 poster.

A helpful model to pinpoint areas that need to grow, & gauge how far you've come!! The Wheel of Life is an excellent coaching tool.

Metaphor for the functions of the conscious and unconscious mind.