Giorgio de Chirico (Italian, b. Greece, 1888-1978). Roman Countryside, 1922. Tempera on canvas. 101.5 x 75.7 cm

Giorgio de Chirico Roman Countryside, 1922 Tempera on canvas

Giorgio Morandi - On the Outskirts of a Town 1941 1890 Bologna - 1964 Bologna

Morandi, Giorgio - On the Outskirts of a Town - Metaphysical painting - Landscape - Oil on canvas 1941

Mario Sironi, Periphery with tramway and crane, 1921

Mario Sironi (Italian, Periphery with tram and crane, 1921 Mixed media on paper Galerie Tornabuon Art, Paris, France

Mario Sironi (Italian, 1885-1961). "Casa del Fascio di Bologna" 1932

Mario Sironi, Casa del Fascio di Bologna, Oil on paper, x cm.

Mario Sironi - Periferia, 1948

Mario Sironi - Periferia, 1948