"All In The Family" (1971-79) was the first TV show to charge head-on into divisive social issues ... mom wanted me out of the room when this was on.

The 1971 JuKeBoX Archie & Edith Bunker, "Methead", Gloria.All in the Family tv sitcom

This was another one of those painful shows that I watched as a kid.. wow TV was horrid back then. (uh.. still is?)

Growing Pains tv show. I loved this show. Had a huge crush on Kirk Cameron. Still a cutie!

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The secret life of heroes - Wonder Breasts Art Print by Greg-guillemin hahahaha! so funny!

"vita da strega" e tutta la mia passione per l'advertising nasce proprio da questo telefilm... :)

Classic TV Shows - Bewitched, Elizabeth Montgomery. The reason my parents named me Tabitha.


A different view of our childhood heroes. Greg Guillemin "The Secret Life of Heroes" illustration series changes every thing. He shows us the real life of all

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RIP Dick Van Patten The 'Eight is Enough' patriarch passed away at the age of