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VICTORIA. One more example of constrained visual language by Bruno Munari. I believe that he is a great designer and his constrained visual examples can illustrate us the principles of constrained pictures and how to make the design more and more constrained. Here we can see a hand drawing a circle, all the secondary elements that do not contribute to the overall look of the design were taken away. The colours are a little bit contrast however not bright.

Letterology: Bruno Munari: Pioneer of the Modernist Book

The Tactile Workshops by Bruno Munari. "do not touch! how many times do children hear this order? no one would ever say: do not look, do not listen, but touching is different. evidently a lot of people think you can do without. the books in the new workshop series describe different working techniques, from educational to explanatory pamphlets and "poetic" play... with basic explanations and plenty of stimuli, suggestions and maps to get adults and children, teachers and students working…

Bruno Munari, FORCHETTE, 1958