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alessandra cedone

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Manet - bar at the Follies Bergere There's so much geometric repetition if you look for it.

Painting by French Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841 - 1919)

La Loge by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (oil on canvas, 31-1/2x25 inches) is housed at the Courtland Institute Gallery in London

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. At the Moulin Rouge. 1892-93. Post-Impressionism.

Young Peasant at Her Toilette, 1888 - Camille Pissarro - Style - Pointillism

Claude Monet - Women in the Garden [c.1866] #art #impressionism #Monet @n17dg

Andre Kohn- Kohn remains a preeminent leader of Figurative Impressionism which seeks to capture the complexity as well as the simplicity and directness of the human form. "I'm seeking my own unique, poetic interpretation of the moment," he says. "I'm striving to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

"The Absinthe" Edgar Degas. Been there for a beer. Also, been in Degas' house and studio. He is one of my favorites!

The Ballet Class, oil on canvas by Edgar Degas, c.1874 (Impressionism) I have always loved this painting!