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Lietukis Garage Killings - Killing Jews in the yard of NKVD garage in June 1941 (ex „Lietūkis“) | Liutauras Ulevicius

A crowd of Lithuanians and German soldiers admire the handiwork of Lithuanian "Jew cleansers" outside the Lietukis garage in Kaunas, June 26, 1941. One of the spectators gets a drink of water in the background by using the hose that is being used to wash the blood of the victims from the pavement. Depravity and bestiality at their darkest selves.

Lietukis garage, memorial stone, Kaunas 1941 progrom .. Photo taken in Centro seniūnija, Lithuania 54° 53' 35.93" N 23° 55' 22.81"E

Lietukis garage massacre

Lietukis garage, Kovno, June 27, 1941. "In the first hours after the invasion . . . local antisemitic forces organized pogroms against the Jews. . . . It had to appear that the local population had taken the first steps on its own accord as a natural reaction to decades of Jewish oppression and recent Communist terror." -SS-Brigadier General Walther Stahlecker (report, October 15, 1941). Credit: Zentrale Stelle der Landesjustizverwaltungen, Ludwigsburg; DÖW,Vienna; Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.

The Lietukis Garage massacre. Crowd views the aftermath of a massacre at Lietukis Garage, where pro-German Lithuanian nationalists killed more than 50 Jewish men. Kovno, Lithuania, June 27, 1941.

Lou Reed par Hedi Slimane

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