Gustave Courbet, Stone-Breakers, 1849.

Gustave COURBET/"les casseurs de pierres" (the stone breakers) cm destroyed when vehicle transporting it was bombed during WWII

Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet, 1854. A Realist painting by Gustave Courbet.

Gustave Courbet - Self-portrait - Gustave Courbet, Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet. The artist has travelled to the South of France (in the vanishing coach), to meet the collector Alfred Bruyas, for whom this was painted.

milton avery

Some people just understand colour. They know which tones work with which, better still, they know which colour combinations can appear unexpected and exciting.

Honoré Daumier,Les Joueurs d'échecs (The chess players), 1863

Honoré Daumier - Les joueurs d’Échecs, Petit Palais, Paris.

Jean-François Millet, The Gleaners, 1857

Jean-François Millet Des glaneuses dit aussi Les glaneuses 1857 - The Gleaners

Annibale Carracci, The Butcher's Shop, early 1580s

Annibale Carracci "The butcher's shop/La bottega del macellaio" 1585 Oil on canvas, cm Christ Church Picture Gallery, Oxford