Vj and Mapping Videos

Vj and Mapping Videos

Altre idee da Vj and Mapping

Direccion: Nicolas Lopez ( ChicleClip ) Humanos: ZonoraPoint Mapping y Dirección de Arte: Andrés Terrisse Edicion: Andrés Terrisse Assets: Nicolas Quiroz www.trimex.cl

I stole Metatron's Hypercube.

quite - powerplace

interactive videomapping installation made in VVVV (brief extract from a 4 hours performance) code and performance by Vj Luper (KinocirKus crew) www.facebook.com/kino.cirkus.page audio mix by ElectroLab http://www.facebook.com/pages/ELECTRO-LAB/256978788106 sculpture by CANDAS SISMAN - DENIZ KADER Camera Operator : Paddy Via

These are some pieces from my Mapping Vj set at Creamfields Florianopolis Brasil 2011.01.22. This was a United Vjs Brasil production. Other Vj-s performing that night were Vj Spetto, Vj Zaz, Vj Roger S. and Boris Edelstein of Modul8. A bit more here: http://www.neonedge.info/?p=396

A panoramic live vj-performance from telematique und u-matic Music: Sascha Funke, Audionite Vj-Performance: www.telematique.de + www.u-matic.de

sorry Mr. Om Unit, I used your incredible track "Corridor 2013" to animate this loop,, you can buy the LP here: http://www.omunit.com/ Vj Loop

Client: Rebel Overlay (UK) http://rebeloverlay.com If you are VJ, DJ or a record label and you need customized VJ Loops visit: http://vjgalaxy.com/contact -- http://vjgalaxy.com

"The LightScraper, made by Eness, is a custom built aluminium structure, fabricated with a layer or semi translucent mesh. The structure can be easily erected in various compositions in an outdoor or indoor setting. Visitors position are tracked via an Infrared camera mounted at the peak of the structure, and transposed into musical notes, the result is ever-changing melodies and visual delight" an ENESS Creation //////////////////////// > graphics by Fanni Montlouis and ...